Warehousing services

China buyer’s warehouse storage service

  1. 1.Warehouse with 24 hours camera survalence and security control
  2. 2. storage and distribution,purchase order management
  3. 3. Photo report and details to you for every shipment of goods received in our warehouse
  4. 4. Packing And repacking ,labeling,fumigation
  5. 5. Professional loading team maximum use your space of sea container/air/courier
  6. 6. Local trucking ,pick up from suppliers to warehouse
  7. 7. Buyer’s consolidation and drop shipping
  8. 8. Fork lift with 16 hours standby labor in warehouse
  9. 9. Bonded warehousing service
  10. 10. Lower rent and loading charges than your expectation (7days storage free)

Fast & on time

100% Safe Delivery

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