The Largest and Leading Beauty Industry Trade Fair
China International Beauty Expo makes the adrenaline rush high of a beauty and cosmetic products-geeks. Products like skin care products, cosmetics, hair, natural health and nail products, equipment and tools for the beauty salon, daily cares and sanitation products, accessories, perfumery, essence, flavor, packaging material, and equipment are displayed and engaged within this mega show. To expand the beauty expo culture and expose it to the international market, this event comes up with conference and keynote speeches to attract and educate the attendees.CIBE

The idea of holistic beauty, as beauty from within has become a mainstream hot topic. Chinese beauty consumers are more aware of healthy and preventative lifestyles with thousands year of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) culture. Research has shown that Chinese consumers are the youngest shoppers for anti-aging beauty products in the world. Upon the beautiful season of fall, CIBE launches the first wellness fair in the “youngest ” city in China, not only the city has the highest percentage of age 15-44 population (average 32.5 years old), as well as the highest population density.

With these “two highs”, CIBE launches the first wellness fair on the 10 – 12 Mar 2020 in Guangzhou International Wellness & Beauty Expo, featuring health-focused beauty products; showcasing a diverse range of latest wellness & beauty products, ranging from nutraceuticals to technologies & devices; learning and networking activities, on the hottest topics including TCM-based Healthcare, Body Fitness Management, Anti-aging, and Light Medical Beauty. We are looking forward to your arrival! 🤗