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    Import Customs Duties from China to Europe:A Complete Guide 2020

    Today, we will discuss tariffs and VAT on imports from China to the EU. EU import tariffs are taxed according to product classification, goods value and the origin of the goods. I suggest that when importing from China to the EU, we must understand the relevant import taxes. If we do not know the import tariffs in the early stage and buy products directly from China, we may buy EU anti-dumping products against China (we will pay tariffs several times higher than the products). The prep work is very important to us on import tariffs.

    This article mainly shares how to check import duties, VAT ,Calculation of Customs Duties and anti-dumping products list from China.

    This article has three main sections:

    Section 1: Import duties from China to the EU
    Section 2: VAT in the EU
    Section 3:  Calculation of Customs Duties
    Section 4: The List of EU anti-dumping products against China

    EU members include the following:

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    New Trade Advisory Service Provides Expertise Amid Complexity and Uncertainty

    Beginning in early 2018, importers of certain products to the United States have had significant additional tariffs imposed on their imported goods. The ongoing trade dispute between the United States and China has hit importers especially hard, with many imported products now carrying an additional tariff of up to 25%. In addition, there has been a significant increase in the number of antidumping and countervailing duty investigations initiated with some antidumping duty deposit rates as high as 1700%. At the same time, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has increased enforcement efforts across all products and industries.

    port of USA

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    How to buy products from Taobao.com & Tmall.com

    Both Taobao.com and Tmall.com are subsidiaries of Alibaba in China. Currently, the two are China’s largest retail platforms. Many Chinese people now find it very difficult to leave these two leading retail shopping platforms; Taobao.com and Tmall.com. They have basically become part of the Chinese’s people’s lives. When you consider these two websites, however, you will notice that Taobao is mainly less expensive considered to Tmall. But Tmall.com offers better quality for their products compared to Taobao.com, thus the reason for the higher price. Taobao.com is currently based in China just like Amazon is in America. However, when you compare the Logistics, you will find that the time taken between ordering and delivery of products and services from Taobao.com and Tmall.com is roughly between 1-3 days.

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    New years 2020: Three Things to Check Before You Hire a Freight Forwarder

    Preparing your supply chain for the year ahead is never easy. But this year, it’s especially challenging. From the uncertainties of 2019 that have shaped today’s economic climate to the outbreak and impact of the Coronavirus, there are plenty of factors to consider. An understanding of what to watch out for—or leverage—can help you become better positioned for the months ahead. A big part of that is selecting the right freight forwarding partner.seaport-during-golden-hour

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    China Coronavirus : Supply Chain and Economic Impacts

    The Chinese New Year (CNY) holiday is officially over, but supply chains are still struggling to bounce back—largely due to the impact of the novel coronavirus, now officially known as COVID-19.

    To begin with, we’re seeing factories slow to operate at full capacity, made worse as applications for “reopen permits” are denied by the Chinese government. While some factories started to go back “online,” the timeline for ramping up to ‘full operations’ status remains uncertain.

    Reduced passenger airline services in and out of China will limit capacity for high-value airfreight for months. Ocean operations are also feeling strain, with alliances announcing multiple blank sailings (skipped port calls) into North America and Northern Europe.

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    China International Beauty Expo

                                                                                   The Largest and Leading Beauty Industry Trade Fair
    China International Beauty Expo makes the adrenaline rush high of a beauty and cosmetic products-geeks. Products like skin care products, cosmetics, hair, natural health and nail products, equipment and tools for the beauty salon, daily cares and sanitation products, accessories, perfumery, essence, flavor, packaging material, and equipment are displayed and engaged within this mega show. To expand the beauty expo culture and expose it to the international market, this event comes up with conference and keynote speeches to attract and educate the attendees.

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    Ship Cosmetics From China To Vietnam

    Ship cosmetics from china to vietnam, you need to be familiar with Vietnamese regulations. This regulation is generally used by local agents, or customs declaration companies know that we can import Vietnamese cosmetics to China. Goldforwarder Logistics professional skin care products import and export customs clearance, cosmetics clearance process costs, regarding cosmetics clearance agents, we will be divided into customs clearance products, customs clearance documents, customs clearance procedures, customs clearance time various questions.


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    Canton Fair – China Export And Import Fair Autumn 2020:The Ultimate Guide

    The Canton Fair is the longest-running and the largest trade show in Mainland China. Think of it as the ‘offline version’ of Alibaba.com, and you’re getting close. In this guide, you will learn everything importers must know about the Canton Fair:

    • Why should I visit the Canton Fair?
    • Canton Fair Products and Phases
    • Canton Fair Dates 2020
    • Traveling to the Canton Fair
    • Visitor Registration
    • Visa Requirements
    • How to get an invitation letter
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    How to buy products from 1688.com : Free Complete Guides 2020

    1688.com is simply the largest go-to wholesale and sourcing website in China (one of the most popular wholesale websites for the Chinese people) and mainly for wholesales and manufacturing. All suppliers need to get Government business licenses for them to be able to sell their products at 1688.com. All suppliers will also need to pay an annual membership fee of 6888 CNY to express their level of commitment and seriousness for partnership. This website is legit and the sellers are real, so these sellers are real and not scammers.

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    Industrial Clusters in Guangdong Province, China



    Industrial Clusters in Guangdong Province, China

    As I mentioned a lot of times that knowing industrial clusters will be very helpful for importers to find the right suppliers in China, or to identify whether your supplier is factory or trading company.

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